About Maggie Laing


about Maggie LaingMaggie Laing graduated from Newcastle University in 1975 with a degree in Zoology. She trained as a teacher in 1977 and spent the following years teaching science before changing direction and teaching craft, design and technology.

In 2008 she joined Flux studios in SE London to develop her growing interest in designing contemporary jewellery. Her pleasure in making things and her experience of a range of materials led to her first collection which draws on many of the tools she uses in her work, at home and in the garden. For part of the year she works from her studio in the Ariege, in SW France. She has exhibited in England as well as in France.

“I am lucky to be able to have an urban as well as a rural existence. My inspiration comes from new and old buildings in London as much as plant and seed structures, skulls and the stone walls of the French countryside. I have always been interested in the process and techniques of making as much as the products themselves. So, in my first collection, the desire was simple – to reproduce and celebrate the tools I use in my work.”

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